Why Green is Good for You

I loooove eating GREEN! It makes me feel fresh, healthy, and energized!

Eating green (literally green food) is more than just a health trend. Eating green means giving your body the best chance at a healthy life – long term! We all have heard that having optimal health is one of the most important assets in our life, and I think most of us would agree with that statement. Without good health, it’s more difficult to do and enjoy the things that we are passionate about, and do them to the fullest.

greens Chlorophyll


To a large extent, what we eat controls our health, gene expression (you can improve your hereditary genes!), and how our body reacts to sickness, disease, and harmful toxins. With that being said, if we want good health, one of the most important things to pay attention to is what we are putting into our body for fuel.

Scientifically speaking and holistically speaking, one of the best things we can eat to maintain optimal health is – you guessed it – dark, green, leafy vegetables! Why is that you wonder? It’s because dark green leafy vegetables are LOADED with chlorophyll!  Chlorophyll is what gives these vegetables their awesome green color. It’s how plants absorb light from the sun to use for energy. Chlorophyll is good for many different and overlapping health benefits, including but not limited to:

  1. Being full of antioxidants – Helps neutralize free radicals and limits oxidative damage
  2. Anti-cancerous – Prevents or slows cancer cells including liver, stomach, and colon cancers
  3. Protects against toxins – Toxins and effects of toxins including abnormal cell death and carcinogenesis
  4. Supports health of blood cells – Increases uptake of oxygen in the blood
  5. Increases energy levels – Energy production is optimized due to the blood-friendly attributes of chlorophyll
  6. Enhances immune function – Able to increase the number and activity of various immune cells, including T cells, B cells, and macrophages which are all crucial to the body’s immune defense
  7. Supports cardiovascular system – Helps prevent the oxidation of LDL (the “bad” cholesterol)
  8. Minimizes side effects of chemotherapy – Successful in thwarting the undesired side effects of chemotherapeutic agent called cyclophosphamide
  9. May reduce kidney stones – Helps protect against Calcium Oxalate Stone disease (one variety of kidney stones)
  10. High in amino acids
  11. Alkalinizing – contains an alkaline pH
  12. Promotes healthy intestinal flora 
  13. Improves skin clarity – By cleansing the blood of impurities, your face will glow

greens Chlorophyll


Let’s dig deeper

Under a microscope, chlorophyll looks nearly identical to hemoglobin (a protein found in your blood that transports oxygen through your entire body). The only difference is that at the center of hemoglobin is iron, and at the center of chlorophyll is magnesium. Both hemoglobin and chlorophyll have a ring in their molecular structures – that ring in the chlorophyll acts as a binding agent to carcinogens in your gut, and ushers them out of your body so that they’re not absorbed into your blood stream and cannot damage your vital organs.

Chlorophyll Hemoglobin    chloroHemeo

Essentially, chlorophyll is a chelator (binds with heavy metals and toxic chemicals to rid them out of the blood stream). People, this is why greens are SO GOOD FOR YOU! The chlorophyll in them literally attracts and disposes toxins, therefore protecting you from disease – especially cancer!

greens Chlorophyll

Eating greens is the very basic step you can take to help protect you from sickness, and improve your health. If you want to kick it up a notch, then JUICE the greens! Juicing just makes all of the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll that much more concentrated, and more concentration of nutrients means a more concentrated way of protecting you from sickness or disease.

greens Chlorophyll


greens Chlorophyll salad

The bottom line is this… eating green may not always be easy or the most convenient, but it definitely is the most beneficial to your health, and worth it to feel great. If you’re still not convinced about the awesomeness of greens, then check out Greens, my friends with benefits.

One way I get my daily dose of green food is by drinking a powdered greens mix from NatureRich (see link below). Not only are they filled with chlorophyll and other micronutrients, they are also a practical way to choose a healthy lifestyle in the midst of a crazy busy world – powdered greens are quick and super easy to have on-the-go! And with it being around $1.50 per glass of powerful, alkaline nutrition, it’s a recommendation I make to anyone who wants to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Stay fresh people! 🙂

P.S. Every time you purchase greens through this link, 14-33% of every purchase goes directly to Fuel Hope‘s partner, Pearl Alliance ($8.00 of every jar of greens to be exact). They are foundational to your health, and only contain beneficial ingredients from food that God made! Together we can eradicate human trafficking and give life to others while giving life to ourselves at the same time! 🙂



  • Drea


    This a fantastic blog! I have already tried a few of the recipes and they are delicious! I appreciate and admire the depth of your explanation in this particular post. When listening to others share experiences or beliefs I am often left with, well why? Much like unfulfilled feelings your stomach is left when eating processed foods. This particular blog was over the top! I have not ONE question left! I can’t wait to go shopping this week to fill my fridge with chlorophyll rich greens! Thank you for sharing this much researched post… definitely brightened my day.

    July 29, 2013
    • Drea, hey girl you totally bless my heart! Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads these posts and if it is worth it to even do posts, but comments like yours make me keep going! I really appreciate everything you said and definitely just want people to know the TRUTH when it comes to health! I get frustrated at the misleading marketing out there that only care about increasing their own bottom line even though it is not best for the customer. Thank you for commenting, you blessed my day! 🙂

      July 31, 2013

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