Fresh juice versus bottled juice

For this week’s “Misleading Monday” post, I want to address the differences between bottled juice and freshly extracted juice. I’ll be doing a post solely on the numerous benefits of raw juicing another day – because they are phenomenal – but for today I’ll be comparing bottled juice and raw (fresh) juice. 🙂 If you’re going to spend over $3.00 on what appears to be a healthy beverage, I want to tell you what’s in it, to see if it’s worth it! 


In the last year, juicing has gained wide popularity. The documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead helped to raise awareness about the benefits of juicing. It highlighted one man’s experience of incorporating pure nutrition (in the form of juice) into his lifestyle, resulting in phemonenal health improvements. Breville (type of juicer) sales have increased dramatically, and people are finally starting to see the need for raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis!

Juicing has been a beneficial and foundational part of health for a long time. In liquid form, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables can break down immediately inside your body, and help it heal and repair itself right away! As an example, you can juice one pound of carrots and reap the health benefits in a matter of seconds, versus chewing on a pound of carrots all day like a rabbit.

I’ve noticed that as juicing popularity has gone up, so have the options for “fresh” bottled juices on store shelves. I see entire aisles devoted to brightly lit-up, packaged, “fresh” bottled juices in the refrigerated section. It looks beautiful and appetizing, however it can be a bit misleading…


The labels on these products boast claims like “All Natural,” “100% juice,” “freshest,” “purest stuff in the world,” “no added sugar,” “no preservatives,” “non-GMO,” “gluten free,” etc… and make it sound like you are getting phenomenal nutritional value.

However, I want to point out 5 reasons you might want to avoid these brightly colored bottles.

  1. Any juice that is going to last longer than 3-4 days HAS to be put through a high-heat, flash pasteurization process to kill microorganisms that could cause disease, spoilage, or undesired fermentation. This involves exposing the beverage to 250+ degrees F (thus killing all of the enzymes present) and letting it rapidly cool down after the heat. 
  2. If heating something that high can destroy all the potentially bad, it can certainly destroy the good stuff too. The high temperatures of pasteurization dramatically reduce antioxidant activity, if not eliminating it completely. Proteins are denatured by the heat exposure, and the good stuff is gone, people…. gone.
  3. These juices are devoid of fiber, and loaded with lots of “simple” (processed, dead) sugar after the high heat process. This makes your body produce extra insulin to compensate for the extra sugar, which could contribute to diabetes. ***Fructose, the kind of sugar that is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and in freshly juiced beverages, is fine in moderation when consumed raw (not pasteurized). This is because the live enzymes and nutrients that accompany the sugar offer the body much needed nourishment.
  4. Bottled juices have extended shelf lives (due to the pasteurization) and sometimes are bottled in low-quality plastic, which has harmful chemicals that could seep into the beverage.
  5. Back in the fall of 2011, Naked Juice was sued with allegations that its supposed “all natural” juice was hiding both GMO and synthetic ingredients. Here is an excerpt regarding the details of the case:

CSPI’s litigation department is acting as co-counsel in a class action lawsuit against PepsiCo, on behalf of consumers who purchased Naked Juice products that were falsely and misleadingly labeled as 100% Juice 100% Fruit “ALL NATURAL” suggesting that the beverages’ vitamin content is due to the nutritious fruits and juices, rather than the added synthetic compounds such as calcium pantothenate (a synthetic produced from formaldehyde).

The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages as well as an injunction against Naked Juice preventing the company from advertising its products as 100% juice and all-natural, when they are not. 09/11″

More details of this can be found in the following articles:

1. Naked Juice Not So Natural – La Times
2. Naked Juice Faces Class Action Lawsuit – Living Maxwell


In my opinion, and based on the evidence, there is no comparison in substituting pasteurized bottled juice for raw, freshly extracted juice. Fruit and vegetable juices, that are freshly pressed, are hydrating, nourishing, healing, and are FULL of enzymes!

If you need enzymes on the go, and don’t have time to juice raw fruits or veggies, then I recommend drinking greens 🙂 They are full of life and nutrition, with ZERO synthetics!


Juicing fresh is always the best option – but when I’m on the go, I love to drink NatureRich greens as an everyday supplement. These greens have been low-temperature air-dried to preserve the maximum amount of nutrition. For less than $1.50 per glass (when purchased in a 3-pack), I get dark leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, sea trace minerals, probiotics, and more, all in one tasty little glass! It’s nutrition I seriously feel good about.

Greens give you nutrition and life, and life to others around the world – because very time a jar of greens is purchased, over $8.00 of the profit goes to Fuel Hope‘s partner Pearl Alliance. If you purchase a 3-pack of greens, over $25.00 of your purchase goes to Pearl Alliance! Click on the links to learn more – and together we can eradicate human trafficking!


  • Joanna Gregory

    Sarah, I’m absolutely adoring and loving all your blog posts! It’s everything I’m passionate about and interested in too! Your blog is definitely one of my faves! :o) such great content, topics, writing and presentation! Adore adore!! Xx

    Would love to hear your opinion sometimes on juicing vs smoothies as I’ve read both have their pluses and minuses.. Obviously more positives! 🙂 with juicing you loose the fibre and I read sometimes juices like pure carrot juice can be too high in sugar content a cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Saying that its pretty irresistible and gorgeous!! 🙂 and with smoothies you have a smaller amount of content and less concentration of vitamins & minerals etc. Do you personally have a mixture of both each day?

    Would also love to hear your opinion on fruits! There’s just so much controversy over fruits in the health & raw food community. Some are doing the 80:10:10 lifestyle and feel fab on so many fruits, while others say fruits are incredibly acidifying and the sugar content of some cause bacteria an acid to build up and create havoc in the body over time. And then there’s others who have the occasional fruit. I’ve been having a few pieces a day at the moment and previously wasn’t having any. Fruit are just too beautiful and delicious to live without!

    Anyway, thank you for reading my message Sarah! ;o) love what you are doing with pearl alliance and your cause! It’s beautiful xx


    March 12, 2013
    • Joanna,

      You are always so encouraging and such a delight! I appreciate your feedback and know that we all have a part in making a difference in this world! 🙂

      My opinion on juicing versus smoothies is that they are both awesome for you and beneficial! Of course it depends on what is going into the smoothie that makes it healthy or not though. 🙂 If you have a blender that is really powerful (vitamix, blendtec, etc.) then you are at an even greater advantage because those kind really can break down the nutrition even to the cellular level!

      With juicing, the fiber does get removed, thus promoting quicker healing for your body since the vitamins, minerals, etc can get straight to the cells!

      I personally mix it up and do both, but not every day! I just do what I am in the mood for or have on hand! 🙂 Feel free to use or do either or or a combo of the two, as you can’t really go wrong.

      Fruit was made by God and therefore I believe that we should eat it! Absolutely yes! However due to so many people eating a mainstream overly processed diet these days, sometimes people’s bodies can be a bit out of whack -including their hormones, blood sugar levels, etc. You have to pay attention to your body and know what is best for you by gauging how you feel after you eat something. However I will note that fruit are your CLEANSERS, therefore it is best to eat them in the morning on an empty stomach (properly combining food is important – I will expound in a post someday). Most people run into problems when they are either 1) eat fruit so much in the replacement of veggies (we need both) 2) eat fruit on top of proteins or on top of other food (fruit digests more quickly so sometimes it can ferment in our stomach or make us gassy/bloated if we eat it with protein) 3)eat fruit and already have blood sugar problems. Be careful not to eat too much fruit (just by paying attention to your body) and always eat lots of greens! Protein and greens (which contain protein) help to balance out your blood sugars. Fruit in the morning on an empty stomach is just perfect though unless your body feels queasy after it. If it does not, then eat on and enjoy girl! Every body is different. As long as it is something God made, and full of enzymes there is nothing to worry about (unless your body reacts funny to it from a different variable altogether).

      Stay fresh girl, let’s change the world together.

      March 13, 2013
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