Why Green is Good for You

I loooove eating GREEN! It makes me feel fresh, healthy, and energized!

Eating green (literally green food) is more than just a health trend. Eating green means giving your body the best chance at a healthy life – long term! We all have heard that having optimal health is one of the most important assets in our life, and I think most of us would agree with that statement. Without good health, it’s more difficult to do and enjoy the things that we are passionate about, and do them to the fullest.

greens Chlorophyll


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Top 5 Ingredients to AVOID on food labels!

Citizens for Health has declared today as being National “Read Your Labels Day.” For some, this already may be a daily practice (yay!), yet for others, we may need a few reminders or insights as to why this is so important. The truth may surprise you…


The front of the label is not as important as the back of the label.

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5 Reasons NatureRich Greens are the best greens available

NatureRich greens are not just any greens … they are extra special greens. I say that for a number of reasons, but I’m going to highlight 5 of the main reasons I believe they are the best!


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93-Ingredient NatureRich GREENS // Free giveaway!

Let’s celebrate, fresh style! 🙂

I talk about greens a lot. I LOVE them, eat them, buy them, drink them, promote them, give them, etc… I mean you really can’t ever have too many greens in your life, right?! They are the foundation to your health and amazing at increasing your pH! If you are unfamiliar with the awesomeness of greens or how important your pH is, then definitely check out those posts!

In honor of Life with Greens’ 1 month anniversary, and my birthday being on Sunday, I want to do a giveaway for 1 free jar of NatureRich Greens! These greens normally cost $49.00/jar, so it is definitely a valuable gift, people. 🙂 However, you can’t put a price on health (well technically I guess you could?!) so drink on!



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Differences between Refined and Unrefined Salt



It seems that in recent years, salt has gotten a very bad reputation – yet, the human body cannot live without salt. In fact, our bodies rely on it to help fight fungus, bacteria, and viruses. It’s important in the regulation of blood pressure, the proper functioning of the nervous system and brain cells, metabolism, digestion, adrenal function, and cell membrane permeability. It’s necessary to produce hydrochloric acid in stomach for digestion, reduces aldosterone (hormone released by adrenal glands to help regulate blood pressure) secretion in our endocrine (hormones that regulate body’s growth, metabolism, and sexual function) system, and it helps our body eliminate toxic substances by keeping them in solution. There’s so much more! However, not everyone realizes that there are different “types” of salt (refined and unrefined), and these differences will directly affect your health.

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Greens, My friends with benefits

I get asked a lot about how to be healthy, or how to begin the transition into a healthy lifestyle. I understand it can seem daunting at first, but want you to know that it only gets easier once you make the initial decision to, as Nike would say, “just do it”.

Fennel-Anise-Whole Foods

To start, I want to talk about nature’s most powerful alkalinizers – greens.This past Friday, I wrote pH & Your Health – FOUNDATIONAL TRUTH to help people understand the very foundational principle to a healthy body. If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, please read it now, since everything I say moving forward will be built off of that.

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We live in a world of modern nutrition. Almost everyone has tried one diet or another and calories, carbs, fats, proteins, restriction lists etc… plague the “health” market. Diet books are best sellers, meaning most people want the truth, but don’t know how or where to go to find it.


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Empowering you to stay FRESH in a Wilting World

Welcome to Life with Greens!


I am pumped to share with you all about true, honest, God-given health in the midst of a money driven, deceptive world. Misleading marketing is everywhere, and unless you know what to look for and how to avoid it, you could fall into the fat, sick and nearly dead trap. What good is that?

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