Strawberry Lime Tropical Paradise Juice Recipe

Today I wanted to share with you a delicious recipe that I think beats any bottled juice – hands down. Not only does it taste incredibly delicious, it’s loaded with powerful RAW nutrition (and enzymes)!

Incase you missed my “Misleading Monday” post about fresh juice versus bottled juice, it’s definitely worth the read! Avoid being misguided into thinking that bottled juices are a healthy alternative to fresh (raw) juice!

Strawberry Lime Tropical Paradise

Perfect for the start of spring, and swimsuit season around the corner! 😉



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Fresh juice versus bottled juice

For this week’s “Misleading Monday” post, I want to address the differences between bottled juice and freshly extracted juice. I’ll be doing a post solely on the numerous benefits of raw juicing another day – because they are phenomenal – but for today I’ll be comparing bottled juice and raw (fresh) juice. 🙂 If you’re going to spend over $3.00 on what appears to be a healthy beverage, I want to tell you what’s in it, to see if it’s worth it! 


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Oranges, Balls of Sunshine

Oranges (aka “sunshine balls”) are one of my favorite fruits, and for good reason. They look like sunshine and are the perfect winter fruit to keep you going when all you can think about is a warm sunny beach in the midst of a February snowfall.

oranges blood orange  

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Orange Ginger Juice




   – 4 large Navel Oranges

   – 1 inch of fresh Ginger root

Cut or peel off the skins of the oranges (I use a knife to cut off the orange rind and leave parts of the white bits *-bioflavanoid bonus-* on the orange to make it go more quickly)

Cut off 1 inch of Ginger root (or more — adjust to your taste preference) *Keep the peel of the Ginger root on it, unless it is shriveled then you can cut it off and still use the Ginger inside.

4 Oranges & Ginger root

4 Oranges & Ginger root Preparation

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