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Welcome to Life with Greens!

My name is Sarah, but my friends call me “Greens”—a nickname I earned for always lugging around a bottle of nutritious green liquid. I ‘ve been passionate about holistic health for as long as i can remember and helping others with their health is very important to me.

I started Life With Greens as a way to help people “stay fresh in a wilting world” —by equipping them with truth in regards to misleading marketing, providing healthy recipes, and also connecting them to the greater cause of ending human trafficking. I think being healthy is important, but not just for the sake of ourselves. I want to empower you to stay fresh in a wilting world, so you can help others do the same.

The thing is, my health isn’t the only thing I’m concerned about. I’m concerned about more. More, as in the 27 million slaves in the world right now  due to human trafficking. It breaks my heart to know there are millions of people out there hurting , and so many others wondering, “What can I do to help??”

This one question brought about the vision and fruition of an organization called Fuel Hope. As the director, I can now show you not only how to change your own life on a daily basis, but more importantly, how to make a difference for someone else—the hopeless and exploited.

My little Life With Greens adventure started with the idea in mind of sharing small, helpful ways for any person to make healthy choices without feeling overwhelmed. This way, people can see a glimpse into my world: life with Greens (me), experience literal life with greens (by putting healthy enzymes and nutrition into action), and give life to others simply by drinking greens ($8 of every jar go towards ending human trafficking). 3 in 1 combo, this is “Life With Greens.”

My hopes is that this blog can inspire you to get healthier, no matter what level you are starting at! Bottom line is this – I want to empower you to stay fresh in a wilting world, so you can help others do the same.

Join me on my health journey as I share with you fun tips and recipe ideas to help make your life better!  I welcome your feedback so be sure to share what you like, don’t like, and what you want to hear more of!

Stay fresh people!

– “Greens” (Sarah)


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