Why Green is Good for You

I loooove eating GREEN! It makes me feel fresh, healthy, and energized!

Eating green (literally green food) is more than just a health trend. Eating green means giving your body the best chance at a healthy life – long term! We all have heard that having optimal health is one of the most important assets in our life, and I think most of us would agree with that statement. Without good health, it’s more difficult to do and enjoy the things that we are passionate about, and do them to the fullest.

greens Chlorophyll


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How to Create Your Own Herb Garden

Creating your own herb garden has never been easier as long as you have access to sunlight. 🙂 I currently live in a small apartment with a cute little deck that I got to decorate with my fresh green herbs this year. Although I planted them toward the end of May, I thought they deserved to be shared with others for extra inspiration!

Deck Herb Garden Potted


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